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Since 1886, the Superior Institute of Accounting and Business of Porto (ISCAP), has been essentially connected to business sciences, being their main concern the creation of a strong relationship with it’s student community and everything around it. ISCAP believes that its growth could only happen through strong relationships with companies, municipalities and other national and international institutions.

How to get to ISCAP?

The best way to get to ISCAP from the city is using the subway line D (orange) to the final station Hospital São João. Then it is a 10-15 minute walk to get to the university.

How to not get lost in ISCAP?

For some of us, it is still a mess (and we’ve been here for 3+ years!), but there are some tips you could follow.

  • The cone (coming from the entrance): If you go down, you will have floor 1 classrooms and restaurants), if you go up you will have floor 2 (classrooms), 3 (library and study rooms) and 4 (teachers offices).
  • Classrooms 01-13 to the left, all the others are to the right.
  • The International Office is the first big door on the left after the big entrance, before the security guard.

Where to eat at ISCAP?

At ISCAP you can find some food machines, but if you want to eat something hot you should go to one of the snack bar. At ISCAP there are three options, all of the bars are on ground floor one in each building (A, B, C).

To the left there is “Bar da AE/Bar do Tio”, in the middle is the cantine, and on the right is “Zina”.

Where to print?

You can print at 2 places – the students association or at the library (before entering the library, the door at the end of the hall next to the bathrooms room).

Where to relax?

On the ground floor at the Student Association room, there is a room to relax and some other games like darts and table soccer. It also has microwaves.

ISCAP’s Gardens
ISCAP’s main entrance