Thousands of Exchange students have experience our university, ISCAP and the beautiful city of Porto. The stories that they have to tell after their stay are endless.

Here are some words from our fellow exchange students and some of the moments they have lived while being here!

Franciska TothHungary

Porto is the best choice! The city is the most beautiful one I have ever been, the people are nice, the teachers at the university are helpful and understanding. I’m happy to experience this semester here. 🙂

Summer Semester 2018/2019 (Franciska)

Sarah Siau Belgium

I am Sarah, a student from Belgium at the Artevelde University College. I chose to study my first semester at ISCAP. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from Porto. I like to be surprised and I was. I immediately felt at home in the city. Also ISCAP took such good care of their students. I enjoyed all the activities the first week of school and got to know so many people. There are a lot of cultural differences between Portuguese and Belgians but that’s what made the whole experience perfect. I never actually missed my home country. The Portuguese people and students were always so welcoming. When I think about Porto, I think of it as my second home. It’s a city and a school that will stay forever in my heart! Erasmus allows you to connect with people all over the world. I got to know so many cultures at the same time, it broadened my mind. I’m more open to other people and nationalities. Erasmus thought me to be curious towards differences instead of being judgemental and I will be forever grateful for that skill they thought me!

Winter semester 2018/2019 (Sarah)


Hello, I’m Thasha , from Paris.
I did my Erasmus in Porto and I just loved it. I don’t know where to start , so let’s begin with ISCAP.
Iscap is the perfect school for an exchange student , as far as I know the teachers and the administration were so kind and helpful . I never felt that I was in a foreign country.
Also big up to Comap , they were so cool by organising lots of trip to discover Porto.
Last but not least I need to talk about Pedro, my sweet and lovely buddy. He contacted me even before I came to Porto, helped me when I need it, he should win the title of best buddy. Thank you Pedro and thank you Porto for this amazing experience.

Summer semester 2018/2019 (Thasha)

Sanne – Netherlands

Hi, I am Sanne from the Netherlands. I did my Erasmus in Porto at ISCAP. I had an amazing time there. First of all, the teachers from ISCAP are really kind and they really wanted to help you with everything. Secondly, Comap is an amazing community, which organised a lot of great trips to discover the beauty of Portugal. I would also like to thank my sweet and funny buddy Beatriz. My Erasmus time and Porto were amazing. It felt like my second home. I met people from all around the world and I made friends for life. I would recommend everyone to come to Porto and experience this.

Summer semester 2018/2019 (Sanne)

Sharin – Netherlands

Hi, my name is Sharin and I am an International Business student at Avans Breda located in The Netherlands. For the summer semester 2018/2019 I had the privilege to locate to the wonderful Porto as I was accepted for my semester abroad by ISCAP. As I have not been to Porto nor Portugal before, I was a little sceptical about the country and city. I had no idea what to expect and arrived in the beginning of February for this new chapter of my life and what I definitely consider as a new adventure. Integration in the Portuguese culture has not been very difficult and made it very easy for me to not feel like an outsider or a tourist. Many Portuguese are very friendly and helpful in case of any problems, even when they do not understand any word you are saying. Regarding the Portuguese language.. this is quite hard to comprehend but those whom are determined will be able to learn and to establish to navigate themselves around the beautiful Porto. Oh and if only you knew the beauty that this city has to offer! From the churches to the monumental buildings and statues, to the palacios and the beach, finally to the Douro valley and to the 6 bridges and sunsets at Jardim do Morro. Wait, how can I forget about the party scene of Porto? Consisting of Adega, a square where all kind of people go for drinks which are very student-friendly priced, and the party clubs of Porto such as PlanoB and More club.

Moving to Porto for my semester abroad was the best decision I have made. I have met heaps of new people, made new friends, experienced a great culture and have seen wonderful sights! If I would get the chance to redo anything, I would not change a thing! I definitely recommend doing your Erasmus in Porto!

Summer Semester 2018/2019 (Sharin)

Selena Nankova – Bulgaria

I am more than content with my decision to take advantage of this amazing opportunity called Erasmus. I got to experience a mix of different cultures, explore beautiful Portugal and meet some wonderful people who became true friends of mine.

Summer semester 2018/2019 (Selena)

Adrian Karpinski – Poland

Porto, city well-known for its wine, will surprise not only wine tasters but also those, who would like to feel the real Portugal atmosphere not that much touched by the tourism commerce yet 😉 It’s not possible to be bored here, every day you can spend in a different way, especially thanks to lovely COMAP friends! Thanks to them your stay will be for sure unforgettable 🙂 If you prefer to sunbathe on the beach in October – why not? Porto offers you amazing weather also during the winter semester 🙂 But of course, most of us come here to study! Hopefully, lectures at ISCAP for Erasmus students are delivered by marvellous teachers – I am more than sure that after final exams you will find out that what you have learned you will be able to use and implement in your future life! Vamos ao Porto!

Winter semester 2018/2019 (Adrian)

Jakub – Czech Republic

I spent 10 life-changing months in Porto. The city of thousand viewpoints gave us all Erasmus students home, while COMAP and ESN took great care of us so we did not miss anything. ISCAP provided some nice courses to us and, in my case, schedule that allowed me to explore Portugal‘s beautiful nature and rich architecture.

Winter semester 2018/2019 (Jakub)

Karla Ćurčić – Croatia

Erasmus is a unique opportunity for us students. I’m so glad I decided to take this step. First of all, I wanted to perfect the English language because you were forced to speak in English while talking to him. After 5 months talking in English, it will certainly be better and, in my opinion, a great advantage.
By participating in the Erasmus + program, I had a great experience, met many friends and kept in touch with their culture. As for me personally, there has been a positive change. I learned many new things, new perspectives, a different lifestyle, adaptation, changes of attitudes..

Summer Semester 2018/2019 (Karla)