Agosto 3, 2019

Orientation Week

The Orientation Week is dedicated to our new Exchange Students that come to ISCAP from all over the world every semester!

In this week, the COMAP Team and the International Office organize several activities for you to know the system of our university, know the campus and even the city of Porto!

For the Winter Semester of 2019/2020, here is the plan:

16 of September – At 13h00 we will start doing your registrations where we will give you your welcoming kits. Between this time and the welcoming session at 14h00, you will have the chance to meet some of our partners and get to know more about their amazing services and discounts they have for you. This year, we will have the following companies present:

  • MyGreenWayTours
  • VEFATravel
  • Livensa Living

At 14h00 we will have the welcoming session, which we will leave as a surprise for you!

Finally, at 16h00 we will an International Picnic where we kindly ask you beforehand to bring something from your own country. You will share your food while other people will share theirs!

17th of September – We will start the day in the morning (sorry!) at 10h00 in a session where you will receive your acceptance letters and you will learn how to navigate through our online system. It is important because you will know how to get access to your school schedule and register for exams!

In the afternoon at 15h00, we will have a walking tour in Porto with a very interesting and funny guide! It will last for 2 hours and has the cost of 5€.

18th of September – We will have a sports afternoon in the gym of our University. It will include alot of sports such as:

  • Sliding
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Cycling

It’s going to be a very funny and sporty afternoon!

19th of September – We have 2 amazing activities for you! First, 6 Bridges Cruise which will take you on a 45-minute cruise through the Douro River where you will get to know the history of each bridge and a bit of the city of Porto. It will start at 14h00.

After, at 16h00, we will a visit to the Port Wine Cellars where you will see how the wine is brewed and stored and also try a few glasses of different wines!

Both activities have a cost of 10€ each.

20th of September – Finally, we have the International Dinner, which is pretty much the best part of the whole Orientation Week.

And you may ask why? Because we will have unlimited food and drinks (yes, alcohol included) until we decide to leave! You will also have the chance to try 2 different traditional portuguese dishes.

If you buy all the activities in the Orientation Week, you will have a discount of 5€ (walking tour for FREE!). The pack costs 30€.

You can register at the following link: