Franti Butterfly

2 different appartments with available rooms.

One of them is located at Rua António Feliciano de Castilho, 982, 2º, Pedrouços. This appartment has 4 bedrooms in total, one of them is occupied. It has one bedroom with a private bathroom and balcony, and two bedrooms that share a bathroom. This apartment has 2 bathrooms shared between 3 guests. It is very close to bus stops and has supermarkets nearby. The cost of the accommodation includes fortnightly cleaning, Wi-fi and water and energy consumption up to certain limit.

  • Room w/ private WC and balcony: €520.00
  • Rooms w/ shared WC: €480.00

The other appartment is located at Rua João Vieira, 307, 2º Esquerdo Traseiras, Rio Tinto. It is very close to the apartment mentioned above, and is also served by many bus stops. This apartment has one bathroom and only 2 bedrooms: one is a double room to be shared by two guests and the other a single room. As for the double room, one bed is already occupied.

  • Double room: €300.00
  • Single room: €395.00

Payments arrangements: when the accommodation contract is signed, the first 2 months will be paid, and the remaining months will be paid monthly by the first day of each month. There is also a deposit for each guest, which is the equivalent of two months of the room’s monthly fee. The deposit will be returned at the end of the contract if everything is in order.

Marco Vilhena
+351 939 374 931